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False Alarm Solutions software and outsourcing was developed for Law Enforcement Agencies to manage alarm billing and tracking, an automated billing
package for processing all aspects of false alarm calls, which generates fees, includes permits and registration for alarm companies and home owners/business.

False Alarm Solutions false alarm software features tracking false alarms and alarm calls and processing false alarm invoices and billing false alarms to ordinance offenders. False Alarm Solutions false alarm management system allows law enforcement to reduce false alarms by implementing False Alarm Solutions false alarm reduction software. False Alarm Solutions false alarm system can be outsourced to allow for outsourcing false alarm tracking and false alarm reduction. False Alarm Solutions false alarm billing software can automatically generate false alarm invoices for offenders of the false alarm ordinance. Cry wolf false alarm reduction software can reduce alarm calls, false alarms, police dispatch and increase public safety. A false alarm is defined as an alarm signal activation where no physical evidence of a crime is found. The causes for these false alarms are most often accidental, and they not only affect the police, but impact the alarm owner financially in the form of false alarm fines. False alarms are expensive and impact public safety as a whole.False Alarm Solutions is a software solution designed for the tracking and billing of false alarm calls for jurisdictions of all sizes. The program is easily integrated with existing CAD systems and allows for simple data conversion. False Alarm Solutions allows users to create unlimited, customizable letters (including letterheads) and reports. False Alarm Solutions is offered as an in-house solution or as an outsourced service for those agencies that do not wish to process alarms themselves. AOT Applied Ordnance Technology, PSC Public Safety Corporation, AOT Public Safety Corporation, law enforcement agencies, alarm, alarms, alarm ordinance, alarm processing, alarm tracking, alarm outsourcing billing, false alarm billing and tracking, CAD, CAD/911, CAD computer aided dispatch, False Alarm Solutions , False Alarm Solutions, false alarm software, false alarm software, false alarm solution, alarm software, dispatch enforcement, false alarm billing, false alarm billing and tracking, false alarm invoices, false alarm management, false alarm ordinance, false alarm processing, false alarm reduction, false alarm tracking, false alarm software, false alarm solution, false alarm system, fire, law enforcement, ordinance, police program, public safety, public safety corporation, public safety software