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False Alarm Solutions
are specialists in false alarm management and billing outsourcing for Law Enforcement agencies and fire departments.

• Specialized, user-friendly, state-of-the-art billing solution

• Allows government agencies of any size to streamline false-alarm management Reduces the numbesr of false dispatches

• Interfaces with all computer-aided dispatch/E9-1-1 systems

• Handles permitting/registrations, invoicing, account posting, statistical reports, collections and past-due fees

• Specialized and easy to use, it's the state of the art solution for billing false alarms.

We are an emerging leader in the public safety software market. Our only focus is outsourcing. We have a proven track record, some of the most advanced technologies in the market, and experienced professionals with customer commitment second to none.

We offer a "Turn Key Package" Call for Details.

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