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Our software was designed by an alarm administrator to track all alarm calls for service.

Software features:

• A public-safety service focus

• Automated billing

• False-alarm tracking

• Adaptable to multiple agencies and/or multiple or complex alarm ordinances

• Electronic Interface to E9-1-1/CAD Systems - The software can be electronically interfaced to your E9-1-1/CAD system to automatically bill calls for service, police or fire calls.

• Multi-Jurisdictional - Tracks all activity. Can easily invoice/bill for multiple jurisdictions. The billing and rate structures are custom for each ordinance. Separate or centralized cash processing is easily managed.

• Master Billing of Accounts - The software accommodates the optional use of "master billing of accounts" to bill and track multiple locations under one billing account, for example, a large apartment complex where the manager is responsible for all permits, fines and fees. Permit registration and/or false alarms may be linked to a master account or to individual tenants as needed.

• History Tracking - Perpetual history of all billing activity is maintained by the system. Accounts receivable balances can be viewed as "balance forward" or as an "open item" activity. A history of phone or correspondence contact with the alarm owners can be tracked by date with unlimited narrative.

• Key Holder Information - A list of "emergency responders" for each account can be maintained in the database. Users can electronically update (or push) key holder data to their E9-1-1/CAD daily so dispatchers have accurate key holder information in the event of an emergency. We offer username and password via the web also.

• User Defined System - We customize your permits, registration fees and false alarm fines/fees based on your ordinance. Our software can track an unlimited number of permits/registrations.

• Accounting - Cash or accrual-based accounting can be used for daily reporting, easy-to-read financial accounting reports are created using governmental accounting standards. Descriptions used for invoices and statements can be customized, to include using your logos and artwork if desired.

• Reporting - All information is tracked by date, so reports can be produced by date ranges. The system was designed to be date sensitive, therefore no month-end or year-end closeout routines required. We can also produce reports by subscriber name or address, or by alarm company.

• Escrow Processing - Allows you to receive monies in advance from alarm companies if desired to streamline the permitting process. Escrow statements can be processed "on demand" for alarm companies when needed.

• Web Interface - We offer XML web tools running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP. (You may want to go into a little more detail here re platforms, server requirements etc.)

• The software is very flexible Multiple program features including Data Input (Custom Interface Programming) for Alarm Companies, Alarm Permitting/Registrations and Alarm Entry. An optional interface is available for E911/CAD interface if needed.. (The first and last parts of this seem redundant, and I don't know what you're trying to say with the middle part.)

• Alarm Contractors and Monitoring Companies Can be given a username and password to review their customer activities if needed.

We offer a "Turn Key Package" Call for Details.

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