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False Alarm Solutions, LLC a full-service software company specializing in  False Alarm Management Software. Our software was designed from the ground up to provide Law Enforcement as well as Fire Departments with a tool to identify, monitor and manage complex Ordinances. Our products are designed to interface with all Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (E911/CAD Police/Fire Departments) and will assist with permitting/registrations, invoicing, posting of accounts, statistical reports, collections, past due fees, and many other features not mentioned.  For those agencies which are really big, or even small or just want to the convenience of a third party outsourcing company,  you have come the right place. We have the complete outsourcing package  custom designed for your agency. We can design, engineer, install, integrate, and maintain for you a specialty solution for your ordinance.

Incorporated in 2003, False Alarm Solutions, LLC was formed by John Moorhouse to meet the needs of agencies big and small. The idea was to offer a complete  solution for agencies too big to run their own alarm unit to agencies who cannot afford software.

Today, False Alarm Solutions, LLC  is experiencing exceptional growth in that we continue to create value for our clients, deliver unsurpassed service, and provide the most reliable and technologically advanced products available.

Our Corporate Mission

False Alarm Solutions, LLC  is a systems integrator dedicated to creating solutions for our client's by providing timely, reliable, and cost efficient products and services which effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

False Alarm Solutions, LLC will endeavor to be the industry leader in performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Code Of Ethics

In business, as in life, knowing exactly the right course of action can be challenging. To guide employees, every organization should have a code of ethics that defines appropriate and correct behavior. A well-written code clarifies the values and principles of an organization and helps employees understand the daily decision-making process.

The False Alarm Solutions, LLC Code Of Ethics reflects our vision and our values. We believe we must maintain and constantly improve our competence and perform under a standard of professional behavior, this requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct with balanced regard for the interests of our clients, employees, colleagues, and the community in which we serve.

All agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, suppliers, and employees of False Alarm Solutions, LLC are ultimately responsible for conducting themselves in an ethical manner in compliance with applicable laws. Our Code provides guidelines to ensure that we are successful in this endeavor.

Under the leadership of the officers of False Alarm Solutions, LLC we pursue a dynamic corporate-wide enforcement effort that ensures compliance to the highest degree possible. As a result, False Alarm Solutions, LLC employees are proud of their company's strong reputation, and are dedicated to this code as a set of principles guiding their personal and professional conduct.

We therefore, pledge to act in accordance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics, and actively encourage others to do the same.


I    Professionalism
We shall conduct business in a manner to earn trust and mutual respect with clients or employers. To build trust with the public by avoiding situations that put one's personal or professional interests in conflict with society's interests.

II    Responsibility To Clients
We shall diligently and honestly pursue the client's legitimate objectives.  We shall always act in good faith toward each client and earnestly use our knowledge and skill for their benefit.

III    Responsibility To Employers
Each employee shall behave in a manner consistent with the stated goals of False Alarm Solutions, LLC

IV    Conflict Of Interest
We shall not accept an engagement for services, without disclosing to our potential client any known conflicting interest we may have between the client and any other client, the client and its employees, or, the client and its suppliers.

V    Confidentiality Of Information
We shall maintain as confidential any legitimate business information provided in confidence until such time as we are given permission to disclose it by the source of such information, or we are legally required to disclose it by a proper authority.

VI    Fair Dealing Practices
We shall endeavor to deal fairly with our clients, competitors, vendors, and employees. 

VII   Compliance With Laws, Regulations, And Codes
We shall comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. We shall follow nationally recognized Codes and Standards when designing, supplying, installing, or maintaining the solutions we provide for our clients. We will support efforts among police officials, fire officials, government agencies, and the electronic security and life safety industry to reduce unnecessary police and fire dispatches.

We offer a "Turn Key Package" Call for Details.

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