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Law enforcement agencies and fire departments spend thousands of hours on alarms, over and above responding to them. Now, your agency can outsource its alarm-management headaches, and focus on what you do best: providing service to your citizens.

We provide all the tools needed for an effective and efficient false-alarm management system. We have the staff, expertise, experience and equipment to make your false alarm reduction and management system a success. We are the complete solution provider. You bank the fees and respond to the calls: let us do the rest!

We provide the following:

• Unlimited number of accounts.

• No employees to hire.

• Our attorney can handle your bad-debt collection if you desire.

• Electronic uploading of your accounts.

• We can design and deliver your forms and permits.

• No equipment or software to purchase.

Account Features

• Permitting.

• Parent/child billing with audit trail.

• Account history:

• Deposits.

• Payments.

• Invoice information

• Contact tracking and audit trail.

• Statements of Account:

• Automatic monthly statements.

• Monthly invoice statements.

• 30/60/90 statements.

• Variety of queries and reports available.

• Multiple keyholders stored for each account if desired.

Custom Features

• Customized reports.

• Personalized letterhead including your logos.

• Software can accommodate detailed ordinance requirements.

• "Fixed date" or "Floating period" permitting available.

• Customized correspondence based on registration status.

• Visa, Mastercard and American Express payment options available for alarm account holders.


• Permit registrations and invoicing available via Web.

• Alarm companies can have view-access of their clients' accounts.

• Public safety dispatchers can have view-access for keyholder information.

• Your attorney can have access for bad-debt collection purposes.

So ftware

• Training on-site.

• Full technical support.

• Text screen or browser-based.

• No yearly software fees.

• Free upgrades.

We offer a "Turn Key Package" Call for Details.

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